AccuTrex manufactures PTFE gaskets for industrial applications.  We specialize in custom gaskets that are manufactured to meet the specific requirements for each job.  AccuTrex offers die cutting and waterjet cutting services for manufacturing PTFE gaskets. 

Our staff will determine the most effective and efficient manufacturing method for each application to ensure the gasket meets all of your requirements and tolerances.  AccuTrex provides full production capabilities and can manufacture quantities from prototype and short run through large production runs.

PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a synthetic fluoropolymer.  Commonly known as Teflon®, a tradename of the DuPont Company, PTFE is best known for its low-friction property.  Its other properties increase its value as a sealing material. 

These include a high melting temperature, high corrosion resistance, high resilience and a long product life.  A critical property for seals and gaskets is PTFE’s lack of “memory” that results in material creep. 

This material creep allows the seal to conform to the mating surface, providing a secure seal. Furthermore, PTFE conforms to both FDA and AMS requirements in terms of material thickness, allowing it to be used in medical and food production industries. 

What Are The Three Types of PTFE (Teflon®) Materials?

Virgin Teflon®

Virgin Teflon gaskets are produced directly from pure material and are used in the majority of general applications due to being the most cost-effective type of PTFE material and possessing the greatest physical and electrical insulation properties.

Filled Teflon®

Filled Teflon gaskets are made from Virgin PTFE material with an added substance to improve its sealing properties. The gasket material exhibits strong physical characteristics and depending on the application, this strength can be altered depending on the type of filler that is used to enhance the material.

Expanded Teflon®

Expanded Teflon gaskets are produced through Virgin PTFE being expanded in a manner that creates uniform tension strength across the material. This process results in a PTFE material that carries no structural weakness and is more flexible than its regular material counterparts allowing it to conform to irregular surfaces. It also exhibits the unique chemical resistant properties of Virgin PTFE due to the fact that no additives are added.

Industrial Applications For Teflon® Gaskets

PTFE gaskets are used in many industrial applications, especially the following:

  • Compressor – High temperature and surface-wear resistant sealing gaskets.
  • Electric Motor – Sealing gaskets for components that require corrosion-resistance, exposure to high and low temperatures and high surface wear.
  • Medical Component – Seals for electronic instrumentation using materials that provide secure seals and long product life.  Specialty gaskets, especially miniature sizes, are required for many medical devices.
  • Petrochemical – Gaskets for process equipment that are resistant to corrosive fluids, temperature extremes, and surface wear.

Services & Capabilities

Using the latest manufacturing technologies and processes, AccuTrex produces custom PTFE gaskets that meet the requirements demanded by our customers.

  • Die cutting – Die cutting produces exact, complex gasket shapes.  Our state-of-the-art software provides efficient use of materials for high yields.  High cutting speeds allow fast production and delivery of parts.  AccuTrex can manufacture to ± .015” tolerances on die-cut parts. 
  • Waterjet cutting – Waterjet cutting allows for precise positioning for manufacturing and a high degree of repeatability for efficient production runs. Our CNC-controlled water jet cutting machinery can accurately cut PTFE materials up to 6” thick.   Tolerances are based on the size and thickness of the material being cut.
  • Guaranteed delivery – AccuTrex is committed to providing you with your orders when you need them.  Our  F.A.S.T.™ Emergency Delivery Service is an exclusive expedited production service for urgent orders.  It provides expedited turnarounds, with some orders produced within 24 hours.  DATELOK™ is a tool that allows you to lock in the delivery date for your parts, so you can manage the delivery of parts to meet your schedule.

Please note:  Any technical data provided is for informational purposes only.  Before specifying this material for your application, please verify the material performance against specification sheet provided by the material manufacturer.

AccuTrex Products is an ISO 9001 registered and AS9100 registered, veteran-owned small business.