AccuTrex manufactures prototype gaskets for industrial equipment and end products.  Whether the gasket prototype is for a new product that is under development, or for a product already in production, we work with each client to create an accurate, precise gasket for testing. AccuTrex manufactures prototypes for all types of custom gaskets, specializing in high-performance gaskets for harsh and corrosive environments, heavy-wear machine parts and specialty gaskets for machine components.  Our staff will work with your engineering staff to develop a prototype that meets all your requirements.

All of our gaskets are custom manufactured. We offer water jet cutting, hand cutting, die making and punching for gasket prototypes and full production runs.

AccuTrex offers a full range of materials for gaskets. Our staff will assist in the selection of the best material for your application to ensure a long, effective product life. The materials available include:

The prototype will be an accurate sample of the final product and our quality and inspection processes ensure that the gasket will meet all your specifications.  Once the prototype is tested and approved, AccuTrex can manufacture a full production run of the gasket that will meet your exact requirements.

AccuTrex Products is an ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered, veteran-owned small business.