AccuTrex Products’ Precision Parts Division, located in Lancaster S.C., offers accurate precision and CNC tube bending capabilities for a variety of materials of differing sizes, to fulfill a wide range of design specifications in limitless fields of industry. The machinery in the AccuTrex arsenal, including the BLM E-Turn 52, guarantees fast, versatile and accurate operations of the largest and smallest quantities. This environmentally friendly, fully electric compression type bender is a work horse in the field of fabrication. Let our capabilities be the start of your possibilities. Processing capabilities:

  • Round, oval, and rectangular tubes that may be pre-processed with holes or slots
  • A maximum of 2” diameter capacity
  • Minimal potential distance between bends relative to tooling
  • Manual or automatic CAD data supplied programming
  • Minimal material mark up or scuffing, even on high-strength and high spring back materials
  • Infinite repeatability

Contact us today or discover our vast range of fabrication, machining and finishing capabilities which might be the following step for you and you goals.