AccuTrex is a custom gasket manufacturer, specializing in rubber, non-asbestos, plastic, cork and fiber gaskets for all industries. We manufacture high performance and custom-shaped gaskets for harsh and corrosive environments, heavy-wear machine and equipment parts and specialty gaskets for machine components.

Our gasket manufacturing services include:

  • Die cutting – Die cutting is an efficient, effective manufacturing process for complex gasket shapes with exact requirements.   Our state-of-the-art gasket manufacturing software provides high production yields and high cutting speeds for fast production and delivery of parts.  Die cutting tolerances are ±.015”.   AccuTrex utilizes in-house die manufacturing.
  • Waterjet cutting – Our waterjet manufacturing equipment allows for precise positioning of the gasket cuts and a high degree of repeatability for efficient production runs.  AccuTrex can cut materials up to 6” thick, with tolerances based on the size and thickness of the material being cut.
  • Guaranteed delivery – We understand the importance of being able to schedule your parts shipments to meet production deadlines at your plant.  We developed two programs to assist in managing the production and delivery of your custom gaskets.  F.A.S.T.™ Emergency Delivery Service is an exclusive expedited production service for urgent orders.  It provides expedited turnarounds, in as little as one day for some orders.  DATELOK™ is a shipment tool that allows you to lock in the delivery date for your parts, so you can manage the delivery of parts to meet your schedule.

Our staff will work with you to determine the most effective manufacturing process for your part based on the application, material, size, and shape of the gasket.  We offer full production capabilities, from prototype and small run to large production runs.

AccuTrex offers a full range of materials for the gaskets we manufacture.

Materials available include:

  • Gasket Paper
  • Vegetable Fiber
  • Flexible Graphite
  • Cloth-Inserted Materials
  • Practi-Shim Color-Coded Plastic
  • Fish Paper
  • Compressed Non-Asbestos

Gaskets manufactured by AccuTrex are used by in all industrial applications. 

Some of the industries that use our gaskets are:

  • Aerospace – High-performance rubber gaskets that require ESD protection, EMI shielding, resistance to oil and gas fluids and harsh external environments.
  • Compressor – High temperature and corrosion-resistant sealing gaskets and shock & vibration dampening gasketing for mountings.
  • Construction – Gaskets used for thermal insulation, weather stripping and noise control in building construction.
  • Electric Motor – Gasketing for shock and vibration control on motor mounts. Sealing gaskets for components that are corrosion-resistant and suited to harsh environments.
  • HVAC – Ducting gaskets for joins, expansion joints and insulation.
  • Locomotive – Wide range of gaskets for uses from vibration control, engine seals and sealing gaskets for windows and components.
  • Material Handling – Gasketing for vibration and shock control.
  • Medical Component – Seals for electronic instrumentation using materials that provide EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Military & Defense – Gaskets manufactured using high-performance rubbers to protect ground and vehicle-mounted electronics operated in harsh environments.  These gaskets must be thermally and electrically non-conductive.
  • Mining – Seals used in mining equipment – motors, conveyors, aggregating machinery – that must withstand harsh environments and be corrosion resistant.  Gaskets for vibration and shock control.
  • Oil & Gas – Sealing gaskets that can withstand harsh environments, such as corrosive fluids and weather extremes, and heavy use.
  • Packaging – Gaskets used in packaging machinery, including seals and gaskets for vibration control.
  • Petrochemical – Gaskets for process equipment that are resistant to corrosive fluids and harsh environments.
  • Power & Utility – Gaskets for use in compressors, turbines and engines and cable couplings.
  • Steel Mill – Heat-resistant and harsh environment gaskets.

At AccuTrex, we are committed to providing you with custom gaskets that meet all your requirements, and that meet our high-quality standards.  Our staff will work closely with you to determine the most effective manufacturing process for your custom gasket and ensure that you receive delivery of the finished product at your deadline. We are proud to be veteran-owned. Contact AccuTrex today to learn more about our custom gasket manufacturing capabilities.

AccuTrex Products is an ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered, veteran-owned small business.