The UNIVERSAL SHIM™ Celebrates an Anniversary

Anniversaries are a time to reflect on the past year, appreciate each other, and dream about what’s to come. We’re used to celebrating the day we met our sweetheart, but why not celebrate the invention of a new product?

If we weren’t living during a pandemic, we might throw a huge anniversary party for the UNIVERSAL SHIM™. 

In just one short year, this one tool has become a welcome addition in a variety of work environments. We’re overwhelmed with gratitude for all the positive feedback our customers have given us regarding this tool. Some have told us they love that they no longer have so much money tied up in the inventory of different sizes of shims. Others have thanked us for making their workday more efficient.

Customer Feedback

Here we’ve compiled a few comments we’ve received from customers: 

“Our field service guys really like them. They are very handy and very user-friendly.”

“They are lighter to deal with and the UNIVERSAL SHIM™ is overall excellent. We will be buying them again.”

“The biggest benefit is the ease of tooling up. We don’t always know the size of the equipment that we will be servicing. The other good thing is we don’t have to worry about carrying multiple boxes around.”

“We also don’t have to worry about stocking multiple sizes. It gives us better trackability and less inventory.”

“It’s really just more efficient in the field.”

What’s Unique About the UNIVERSAL SHIM™?

Before designing this tool, we did our research. By conducting a market study of tab shim usage by small, medium, and large industrial manufacturers and processors, we discovered 85.81% of shimmed equipment used a combination of a standard ‘A”, “B”, or “C’ tab shims. 

Through this research, we also uncovered that many of these applications were mismatched. To save time, the wrong size shim was used. 

Everyone knows the wrong size shim can cause “soft foot” at the base of a machine. No one wants to impact the efficiency of the equipment they are servicing. However, it’s easy to understand why the wrong size might be used. After all, who has time to go all the way back to the machine shop for a different shim? What about those days when you climb four flights of stairs to get to the top of a crane, only to realize you don’t have the right size?

The UNIVERSAL SHIM™ was designed with a tapered inner slot design so it replaces the standard “A”, “B”, and “C” pre-cut shims. It’s a one size fits all solution. 

The Future for the UNIVERSAL SHIM™

As the vaccine rolls out and the end of the pandemic is on the horizon, we look forward to the day when we can visit customers. We love demonstrating the unique design of this product. To see how the UNIVERSAL SHIM™ works now, request a free sample pack