With the tight tolerances of AccuTrex’s waterjet tile and stone cutting, there’s little or no wasted material. Waterjet tile and stone cutting or piercing is precise, clean, and fast for even the most intricate designs cut into the strongest or most brittle tile and stone. Waterjet cutting eliminates heat affected zones (HAZ) and the need for secondary finishing operations, providing precise-cut quality stone and tile for any industry.

These industries include:

  • Architectural
  • Construction
  • Tile and stone
  • Mining
  • Signage

Waterjet tile and stone cutting offers several advantages when cutting natural tile, engineered tile, ceramic tile, natural stone, or engineered stone – or any other material.

These advantages include:

  • Accurate tolerances
  • No heat-affected zones
  • Precise CNC cuts to +/-.005*
  • Improved productivity
  • Potentially less waste-common wall cutting
  • Easily makes complex cuts and irregular shapes
  • Perfect for prototypes and small runs
  • Near net shape production
  • Fast setup for production runs
  • Smooth, precise edges*
  • No burrs
  • Repeatability
  • Multiple-head cutting
  • No tooling charges
  • Uniform cuts
  • Eliminates secondary operations/finishing

*depending on thickness and type of material

AccuTrex Products is an ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered, veteran-owned small business.