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AccuTrex Products, Inc. is now an AS9100 Registered Company

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1065 Views

An external audit by an accredited register has proved that AccuTrex has met all of the requirements of AS9100 and is now an AS9100 registered company. As an AS9100, ISO 9001 and ITAR registered company AccuTrex strives to exceed industry expectations to quality and safety.

CentiMark & AccuTrex Products Named Charles C. Keller Corporate Philanthropy Award Recipients

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1261 Views

The WCCF is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Charles C. Keller Excellence Award for Corporate Philanthropy are CentiMark Corporation (large category) and AccuTrex Products (small category). Both companies will be recognized for their generosity at the WCCF's annual Philanthropy Banquet on Thursday, November 15.

AccuTrex Products - Small Category Honoree

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 2315 Views

There are few companies that understand the meaning of the word "service" quite like AccuTrex Products. From serving customers ... to serving our country ... and the community, AccuTrex employees share a passion for helping others that truly sets them apart.

The Importance of AS9100 and ISO Registrations

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1790 Views

The ISO 9000 family of standards is among the most widely implemented in the industry. It is not the only quality management system (QMS) available to businesses, but it has been adopted globally and is the certification of choice among major purchasers.

Shims Used In Reducing Hazards and Increasing Safety

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1358 Views

As many in the manufacturing industry already know, shims can be an essential component in equipment design. Made from a wide range of materials including metals and plastics, these pieces are inserted between two surfaces to align or adjust the fit of the two surfaces. These components perform the equivalent function of propping up a wobbly table by placing something underneath a table leg. Shims are available in a variety of shapes and materials, and used for a number of purposes.

The Cost Benefits of Using Shims in Your Next Project

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1095 Views

Sometimes the tiniest elements of a piece of equipment can be the most powerful component in the system. They can be completely unassuming and nondescript, yet have a large impact on the function, performance, and longevity of a piece of equipment. Shims are such components, easy to overlook but with the potential to greatly reduce costs.

Shims Change Outcome of IndyCar Race

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1207 Views

Shims, an integral component in equipment and parts design, are widely used across industries. They are powerful tools with lasting effects on many industrial processes. They can even change the outcome of professional races.

The Benefits of AccuPeel Laminated Polyimide Shims

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1588 Views

AccuPeel® laminated polyimide shims are a proprietary offering from AccuTrex Products, Inc. They are made from a laminated polyimide shim stock that provides a host of beneficial properties. The AccuPeel® shims are manufactured to the standard AMS-DTL-22499 Composition 6 polyimide.

A Proactive Approach to Sealants

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1255 Views

Sealants are used in conjunction with gaskets, or other joining pieces to help reduce the risk of leaks or breaks in the connection.

Outgassing in Aerospace Design

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 2934 Views

Some materials will release gas or vapor when placed in a vacuum. This is called outgassing. The gas or vapor can be absorbed, dissolved, or frozen, and creates a challenge to maintaining a clean area in high vacuum environments.

Sealing Flanges Vs. Sealing Threads

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 3224 Views

Designers and engineers know that it’s rarely feasible to merely weld two components together and be done with the process. Most connections need to be disassembled, whether the parts have to be removed for service or for replacement. As a result, some versatility is required in the design. Therefore, two of the most common connecting methods are either with a flange or with threaded parts.

Choosing the Right Deacon Sealant For High-Temperature Applications

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 2093 Views

Under the perfect conditions most sealants will perform proficiently to keep parts in place or to restrict air and liquids from escaping/entering. Unfortunately, perfect conditions are rare in many industrial situations and when temperatures start climbing, pressure increases as well.

Now Carrying High Temperature Deacon Sealant

By Jerry Lopez August 23, 2017 2311 Views

At AccuTrex Products, Inc., we greatly value our customers. Our line of products, including shims, gaskets, shim stock, and washers, are useful in numerous applications across a variety of industries. AccuTrex is now proud to offer a number of products from Deacon Industries, the “high temperature sealant specialists.” These new products diversify our offerings, opening up a whole new sector of the industrial market.

5 Ways Military Experience Translates to Quality Business Practices

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1230 Views

The United States Military has a long history of working with people in their formative years. As a result, the experience instills in veterans many values and principles that can be transferred and applied to many aspects of life. These principles and lessons also easily extend to working at a company.

Inside Accutrex's Precision Parts Division

By AccuTrex Products, Inc. August 23, 2017 1793 Views

With over 100,000 square feet strategically located in Lancaster, South Carolina, the Precision Parts Division of AccuTrex Products, Inc. is equipped to provide you with the custom sheet metal fabrications, machined parts and assemblies that you need. We have all the state of the art equipment and technical expertise necessary to produce your job in-house and to your precise specifications.