A Proactive Approach To Sealants

Sealants are used in conjunction with gaskets, or other joining pieces to help reduce the risk of leaks or breaks in the connection.

Applying the right sealant helps ensure that your application will withstand the highest pressures and temperatures approved for that sealant.

Often, a sealant will be used reactively – added to a connection when a leak or crack is already beginning.

Although this can be used effectively, in many applications it is not the ideal way to get the best results from your sealant or your gasket.

Use A Sealant Before Issues Arise

Applying a sealant when the connection is initially put together improves the quality of the seal and decreases the chance of a failure. Mating parts will often have imperfections, like unevenness or pitting, or a non-standard connection that over time can become the source of a leak. Applying a sealant at the time a connection is put together can further serve to minimize these problems.

By taking a proactive approach and sealing your application from the start you can save time and money in the long term.

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