5 Ways Military Experience Translates To Quality Business Practices

The United States Military has a long history of working with people in their formative years. As a result, the experience instills in veterans many values and principles that can be transferred and applied to many aspects of life. These principles and lessons also easily extend to working at a company.

1. Leadership

The Military is a robust training ground for leadership qualities. No troop or battalion can succeed without proper leadership, which is essential for keeping sight of goals, navigating any risks and obstacles, and ensuring that the mission remains on track through successful completion.

Similarly, leadership can determine whether a company fails or succeeds. Those in leadership positions need to face financial challenges and supply line problems, directing employees on how to best respond to preserve the quality of a company’s products and services. This kind of integrity is sharpened through military service, and as a veteran-owned company, it’s what we at AccuTrex champion.

2. Teamwork

Just like leadership, teamwork is vital to the success of a troop or battalion. Every soldier needs to work together to carry out a leader’s orders for the success of a mission. Without working together, individual soldiers are left alone without defenses, fail to be effective, and endanger not only the mission but their fellow squadmates.

At AccuTrex, we all work together to guarantee the successful completion of every project and order. As an employee-owned company, each of us is personally invested into making sure every part or component that we send out bears the high level of quality that we strive to achieve.

3. High Quality Standards

It is no secret that the military demands a high level of service from every single soldier. Honor, respect, integrity, and selfless service are expected from everyone at all stations, throughout the chain of command.

These expectations of high quality are instilled in all of us at AccuTrex. Each of us is dedicated to working towards the best quality in all of our shims, shim stock, gaskets, and washers. Our ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications reflects our efforts to ensure quality in every shipment and project.

4. Commitment To A Cause

Every veteran can attest to being deeply committed to carrying out an idea, with every operation being an incremental and critical step toward the success of a mission. For AccuTrex, this means that all our employees are committed to our company-wide cause of producing the highest quality products we can with our existing equipment and capabilities.

5. Focus On American Value

The American Military is where all our values as a nation are alive and well. As a veteran-owned small business, AccuTrex also champions American values in all of our business practices. We pay the strictest attention to quality, and our military-trained integrity compels us to deliver exactly what was promised.

Most importantly, all of our products are manufactured right here in the U.S. Visit our Capabilities page today to find out how our military experience translates to high products and exceptional service.