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Deacon 8875-T

Deacon 8875-T

A heat curing fibered paste used in high-temperature flange sealing, gasket dressing applications, and on threaded connections. It is a refractory/sealant hybrid that does not become weak or brittle, and is compatible with thermal cycling. It is typically used in high-temperature steam, cut/warped or pitted flanges, corrosive situations, hot air and gases, and much more.

Temperature Range: 150°F to 1800°F.

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Deacon 8875-Thin can be used as gasket dressing to improve the sealing capability of many gaskets. Deacon 8875-Thin can also be applied to many types of gaskets (including spiral wound) to reseal them, thereby prolonging their useful life. Deacon 8875- Thin can be used as the only sealant on low-tolerance metal-to-metal joints. Deacon 8875-Thin is caulked or troweled onto the sealing surface in a complete, uniform, thin coating. Note: Deacon 8875-Thin will flow filling small voids, and surface irregularities creating a seal between the gasket and the flange surface where most leak problems initiate.

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Deacon 8875-T