Laminated Polyimide Shims

AccuTrex manufactures laminated polyimide shims and gaskets for use in all industrial applications. Our custom shims are manufactured to meet the specific requirements for each job. Our staff will determine the most effective and efficient manufacturing method for each application. With its full production capabilities, AccuTrex manufactures quantities from prototype and short run through large production runs. Products are DFARS compliant. 

Laminated polyimide has a broad range of uses due to its superior thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties.  Its non-conductive properties make it an excellent electrical insulation. Polyimide performs well in a wide range of temperatures, from -452° F to +500°F, and is resistant to radiation, solvents, and other corrosive materials.  Widely used as a film, it is flexible, strong and lightweight.  It is most commonly known as Kapton®, a film developed by DuPont.  Laminated polyimide is used in the following industries.

AccuTrex uses state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing process to produce custom laminated polyimide shims and gaskets. 

AccuTrex is veteran-owned and is committed to working with each customer to manufacture each laminated polyimide shim and gasket to our high quality standards and your exact requirements.

AccuTrex Products is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 registered, veteran-owned small business.