AccuTrex Products, Inc. Is Open For Business

To: AccuTrex Customers and Suppliers: 

AccuTrex Products remains fully operational at all three of our plants located in Canonsburg PA, Washington PA, and Lancaster SC. 

We do not foresee any disruption in the shipment of product or receipt of goods at the present time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most all of our raw materials are from domestic suppliers, and we are not importing any goods in from areas of international concern. 

Our collective goal is to balance the safety of our team with the needs of our customers, vendors, and our organization. With this being said all AccuTrex outside Sales Representatives have been taken off the road until further notice and will be working from the office or remotely. Should a face to face meeting need to take place we can do so with video conferencing via WebEx, Skype, etc. 

All vendor visits will be limited to activities critical to the day to day operations of our business such as raw material deliveries, subcontractor deliveries of components and subassemblies used to build customer end product, equipment repairs and calibration, food and/or medical supplies, etc. 

Should your company be closed for the time being, have different receiving hours, etc, please let your appropriate Account Executive know ASAP! We are going to continue shipping parts for your orders until told otherwise. If you are unaware of who your Account Executive or your contact with Accutrex is please contact Danielle Cornell at 724-746-4300 x 131 or and your information will be forwarded to the appropriate people.

We will keep you posted with updates as the situation continues to unfold in our area. Thank you for your continued support. 

Best Regards, 

Mark Beichner 
Chief Operating Officer 
AccuTrex Products, Inc.