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AccuTrex Products, Inc., manufactures AccuPeel® Laminated Shims, also known as peelable shims, in specific materials such as laminated aluminum, laminated brass, laminated stainless steel, laminated steel, laminated titanium & laminated polyimide.

AccuPeel® Laminated Shim Stock is manufactured to be a precise, easily peelable shim material per the latest revisions of AMS-DTL-22499 (formerly MIL-S-22499), AMS 4013, AMS 5500 and AMS 4508. Utilizing the latest technology, AccuPeel® Laminated Shim Stock materials provide a uniform, even peel throughout the sheet.

AccuTrex Products, Inc. offers you the option of purchasing AccuPeel® Laminated Shim Stock in sheets or allowing us to provide laminated shims to your specifications.

With our vast array of cutting technologies, 5-300 ton punch presses, abrasive waterjet cutting machine and turret presses, we are equipped to fabricate any parts you may need. 

How to Peel AccuPeel® Laminated Materials

The AccuTrex Difference

We have a process of manufacturing our AccuPeel® laminated shim stock that enables our customers to peel our shims without using heat or a blowtorch.

When compared to our competitors’ material, our customers have seen our laminated shims save them both time and money.

Manufacturing to specification AMS-DTL-22499

  • Aluminum Alloy (Comp 1)
  • Brass (Comp 2)
  • Stainless Steel (Comp 3)
  • Carbon Steel (Comp 4)
  • Titanium Alloy (Comp 5)
  • Polyimide (Kapton®) (Comp 6)
  • All laminations (Type 1)
  • 1/2 solid/ 1/2 laminated (Type 2)
  • .002" laminations (Class 1)
  • .003" laminations (Class 2)

AccuTrex Products is an ISO 9001 registered and AS9100 registered, veteran-owned small business.