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Deacon 3100

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Deacon 3100
A high temperature extruded gasket compound, which is stronger, more durable, and more flexible than ceramics or mortars, and features high chemical tolerance, fast and easy repairs, and compatibility with thermal cycling.

Temperature Range: 200ºF to 950ºF

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Price From: $109.23

Deacon 3100 is ideally suited for metal-to-metal joint applications in pipeline or containment vessels that direct the flow of numerous industrial substances in gaseous, liquid, or solid form. Applications include, but aren’t limited to, flange surfaces on heat exchangers, blowers, pumps, access doors, compressors, boilers, stacks, exhaust systems, turbines, and piping. Deacon 3100 is a gasket replacement and protective barrier for metal-to-metal joints in steam or corrosive chemical environments. Deacon 3100 should be applied to the flange surface or sealing groove. When compression of the flange surfaces occurs, the material will spread to fill surface pits, warpage, and irregularities. Note: Deacon 3100 can be used with or without a fabricated gasket.
Additional Information
1/16″ Diameter – 228 ft.
1/8″ Diameter – 124 ft.
3/16″ Diameter – 55 ft.
1/4″ Diameter – 33 ft.
3/8″ Diameter – 15 ft.
3/8″ Diameter – 88 ft.
1/2″ Diameter – 38 ft.
3/4″ Diameter – 19 ft.
Sample - 1/4″ Diameter – 3 ft.
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