Laminated Polyimide Shim Stock

AccuTrex offers laminated polyimide shim stock for use in the fabrication of shims and gaskets.  Most commonly known as Kapton®, a brand of the DuPont Company, laminated polyimide is used to manufacture shims and gaskets. This material's superior thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties make it an excellent stock material for several industrial applications. 

Kapton® properties include the following:

  • Electrically non-conductive: Laminated polyimide’s non-conductive properties make it an effective electrical insulator.  It performs well for gasket and shim applications that require exposure to electrical wires or cables such as motors, compressors, electronics and power generation equipment.
  • Wide temperature tolerance: Laminated polyimide performs well in a wide range of temperatures, from -452°F to +500°F.  It exhibits good wear under temperature extremes, providing effective seals and support for most industrial equipment and environments.
  • Resistance to corrosive materials: Laminated polyimide is resistant to solvents and other corrosive materials. It performs well in motors, engines and process equipment exposed to these materials.
  • Resistance to radiation: Laminated polyimide’s is resistant to radiation, providing protection for aerospace, military and medical applications that require shielding.
  • Lightweight: Laminated polyimide is lighter than comparable materials, making it ideal for seals and shims that require a lightweight, strong product.
  • Strong & flexible film: Laminated polyimide is widely used as a film due to its strength and flexibility.  It is often used as a protective covering, or as a strong, lightweight seal.   The film is also used for shim stock to provide peelable thin layers for a customized fit.

AccuTrex can provide laminated polyimide sheets using Kapton® and other brands. The laminated polyimide is manufactured to be a precise, easily peelable shim material per the latest revisions of AMS-DTL-22499 comp 6. 

We offer Type 1 & 2 laminated polyimide sheets in sizes up to 24" x 48":

  • Type 1 sheets can be manufactured up to .125” thickness
  • Type 2 sheets up to .094” thickness  

We can provide custom oversized sheets and partial sheets to improve your yield, if needed. AccuTrex will also work with you to provide custom peel strengths for your application.

AccuTrex’s state-of-the-art production facilities provide precise, efficient manufacturing and fabricating of shims and gaskets from laminated polyimide shim stock.  We have full production capabilities, including die cutting, waterjet cutting, punches and turret presses to manufacture and finish your part. We also offer exclusive order and delivery management tools to assist you with scheduling and managing deliveries to your plants. 

Please note:  Any technical data provided is for informational purposes only.  Before specifying this material for your application, please verify the material performance against specification sheet provided by material manufacturer.

AccuTrex Products is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 registered, veteran-owned small business.