The Benefits of AccuPeel Laminated Polyimide Shims

Custom AccuPeel® Laminated Polyimide Shims

AccuPeel® laminated polyimide shims are a proprietary offering from AccuTrex Products, Inc. They are made from a laminated polyimide shim stock that provides a host of beneficial properties. The AccuPeel® shims are manufactured to the standard AMS-DTL-22499 Composition 6 polyimide. 

Popular brands for polyimide film include Apical®, manufactured by Kaneka, and Kapton®, manufactured by DuPont. Polyimide film is versatile and has many qualities including corrosion and temperature resistance.

AccuPeel® laminated polyimide shims also offer the advantageous combination of strength and flexibility. The material’s strength provides structural security that adds to the quality of components as well as its performance in various equipment systems.

Laminated polyimide shim stock also includes the following properties.

Although polyimide film presents advantages for many industries, the aerospace industry in particular benefits greatly from its attributes.

Polyimide in the Aerospace Industry

Shims made from Apical® and Kapton® and other similar laminated polyimide film material are ideal for use in aerospace applications. Typically used as washers, seals, and motor and vibration mounts, these shims greatly add to the precision and reliable performance of components in the aerospace industry.

AccuPeel® shims made from Kapton® also help aircraft and even spacecraft deal with a significant problem—outgassing.

AccuTrex’s new eBook on AccuPeel® and Aerospace

AccuTrex’s new eBook, Take Your Aerospace Shims to New Heights with AccuPeel® Laminated Polyimide Shims, provides much more detail about the benefits our proprietary laminated shim stock presents for a diverse range of industries, and aerospace in particular. Download your free copy today!