From Letters to Packages

Wheeler Bros., Inc. of Somerset, PA partnered with AccuTrex’s sophisticated Sheet Metal Fabrication division to manufacture a shelving system to help the United States Postal Services improve efficiency and reduce costs. With the tremendous growth in email, traditional mail delivery volume has fallen off dramatically. In order to stay competitive, the USPS focused efforts on growing its parcel delivery services.

Traditional postal trucks were built predominately for delivery of letters; the original configuration of the trucks did not support the increase in the number of packages being carried. The vehicles needed to be modified to help the postal workers be more efficient in their day-to day-package delivery efforts. Wheeler Bros. won a delivery contract to provide folding aluminum shelves that were designed to modify their existing delivery trucks.

AccuTrex and Wheeler Brothers

AccuTrex’s advanced manufacturing capabilities were a perfect fit for this project. After being awarded the contract, AccuTrex developed a cost-effective manufacturing process which included: automated punching, automated bending, robotic welding, powder coating, and assembly. The custom shelves fabricated by AccuTrex can be found in over 20,000 USPS delivery trucks today, with more in production.